Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Residual skin problems probably related to dormant viruses

The first three images below shows a probably infected skin area eruption after activation by at least one of three events:
1. We spent only 1 day at the beach. This will normally lead to activation of any dormant infected cells at the surface. It was observed that a few very small and quickly cleared away spots came and went without issues.

2. We swam in our slightly acidic pool.

3. My daughter played with the neighbour's cats. She has an allergy to cats.

This incident occurred overnight. In the morning I found a set of blisters and dry parts under her neck and one very small part on her belly.

My daughter went to neighbor's farm before I could treat the blistered area and came back with the blister punctured. I applied betadine (acryflavine solution) to the exposed area as mangosteen was too painful. Area now under observation for possible virus spread. 

It could be that her allergy to cats may have caused the blistering, but I am guessing here that a patch of dormant virus infected cells were activated. It may be that she will not be reinfected. If she is, the mangosteen will clear up the new infection.

The blistering looks very similar to psoriasis (see image below - from http://www.healthy-skin-guide.com/psoriasis-photos.html) and it probably is psoriasis. The symptoms of the viral infection can vary from being nodes, to small hairline cracks, to small blisters to this. Unfortunately I was not able to apply mangosteen on the area before the blisters were broken so cannot say if it works well on this kind of blistering.

The underlying strategy for cure is the fact that human skin will be totally replaced within the space of 7 - 10 years. The level of infection may decrease to the extent of becoming almost forgettable, but once a person has their whole skin area exposed to the virus, one has to maintain a level of vigilance to continue attritioning the infected cells for at least this time. As long as there is no further spread, this strategy will work. 

Cleaning ones skin via the beach, mangosteen etc, stops the spread, will also get into some dormant infections and reduces the outbreaks to the point where eczema is not even a mild irritation. But this can lead to problems if one does not follow through with the process of attritioning over a sufficiently long time (7-10 years) as the sporadic flares may lead to a new bout of total body infection.

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