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Thesis: Curing viral eczema

Below you will find a summary of my work in curing viral eczema. It has proven to be 100% successful. I thank the young lady I spoke to today for getting me to think about writing this.

The Cure

The cure is to go to the beach before the eczema flares up. You can tell when eczema will flare up as you will feel a itching and tingling at the skin surface. You will than have about 7 hours before the skin erupts. Spend as much time at the beach as possible. Swim in the sea, play on the sand, go for walks and protect yourself against sunburn without using sun-cream (wear a tea-shirt, hat, stay in the water, maybe cover face with sun-cream if you don't have eczema on it, or simply swim in the evening and morning). Try to stay at the beach for a week, but any length of time is good, the longer the better.

If your child has eczema, than you will know when it is beginning to flare as you will see a reddening of the skin, or your child will begin scratching (which is a vector or mechanism by which the infection spreads).

An alternative to the beach, and this applies mainly to children (as they have thinner skin) or adults with surface infections, is to apply ground fresh mangosteen skin (the soft part can be scooped out). Do not use the fruit. Leave this applied to the infected area of the skin for as long as possible (at least 1 hour but longer the better).

For those people that do not have access to a warm beach or mangosteen, try going to sulfer baths (I have not tried this but theoretically it should work - see Mechanism below - Appreciate if you can give me feedback).

Also, avoid putting creams on areas with eczema. This tends to protect the virus and can cause the infection to spread (hence do not use sun-block at the beach on areas covered with eczema but protect your skin from the sun by covering up with a T-shirt).


Viral eczema is caused by the insertion of viral DNA/RNA into the cell. The implication of this is that it cannot be resolved by simply applying a lotion or injections. The infected cell can be considered dead (its still alive but only as a virus incubator).

When the cell's surface is agitated in some way, it is likely that the cell's surface proteins, and cell membrane is being damaged to some degree - this is totally normal. We have evolved on this planet and have evolved mechanisms to respond appropriately to this. A chain reaction likely occurs which initiates new components be manufactured inside the cell to replace the damaged parts. It is likely that this manufacturing process will create more polymerases, and other proteins.

Viral DNA/RNA has a greater affinity to these polymerases and proteins. This means that instead of being used to manufacture replacement parts for the cell, these polymerases and proteins creates more viruses in the  cell. Eventually the cell will bust and the surrounding area will be awash with these viruses, thus spreading the virus and infecting new cells.

Another mechanism the virus has evolved is to create an intense itching. By scratching the itch, the virus is spread to other areas of the body and because scratching exposes live cells, causes further infection.

Now if the cell is surrounded by a harsh environment than the infected cell and the virus will have less chance of survival. The term harsh environment is a matter of degree. For instance, you could (not recommended) put sulfuric acid on the infected area. This will destroy the infected cell but will also destroy uninfected healthy cells and cause scarring and a significant amount of pain. The sea, and mangosteen is the degree to which is being sought. Both are harsh only in a complex way. Individual components of these two mediums are not toxic at all in the quantities found within their respective mix.

So because we have evolved on Earth, our healthy cells are extremely tolerant to exposure to mangosteen and swimming at the beach. However, infected cells, because their resources are being used to create more virii, are unable to cope and bust.

This significance of this is that the population of virii is greatly reduced (as they cannot survive in such a harsh environment) and the infected cells are specifically killed, leaving only the healthy cells. Also (as cells are extremely small), this means that replacement of these killed cells leaves no scarring (or at least no visible scarring) as the killed area is likewise minute.

In summary, what one is doing is attritioning the infected cells. What you will find, if you have had the infection for a while, or if you have just been infected, is that the your first attritioning will get rid of anything up to 99% of the infection. Some infected cells may be dormant and protected by skin. You will need to wait for the next flare up (which - as mentioned- should be very much less), and go to the beach again. There is not much one can do about cells that are dormant and protected - but they will flare at some time in the future. If you do not continue to attrition the infected cells, the disease can spread again (however if you read my blog, I found a strange occurrence where the infection seemed somewhat less infectious - maybe the older the infected cell got, the more prone to interior damage and hence less infectious?).


It took me about three years to find a cure to this disease. In this time, my youngest child was infected all over her face and body. When the worst flare up occurred, my daughter's face and body was totally covered by small pimples, blisters and black-heads. My son had these same blister growing on his body, face, back and eyelids. In fact if the infection had got into his eye, he would likely have lost his eyes and his brain.

Earlier on, I had decided not to use acyclovir as a remedy. My reasoning was that acyclovir works at the level of the DNA. While it has a higher affinity to viral DNA, some must also attach to cell DNA (whether it be healthy or infected). To me, this had the possibility of neutering my daughter and even causing cancer.

Seeing that the infection had the indications of being a virus (the pimple like eruptions, mode of spreading etc), I had decided that a cure must work on a local or infected areas only. The healthy cells we could leave unattended.

I started off using a number of concoctions of living plant cells. My reasoning was that their mix of enzymes would break down the cell wall and the virus. The children complained that these earlier concoction were extremely painful. I then tried kiwifruit. While not being as painful, it was still too painful for young children. Finding mangosteen was a bit of luck actually. My forehead was infested and I applied mangosteen to it. Within an hour the infestation was killed. Also the uninfected cells were undamaged and all I felt was a tingling.

I selected mangosteen skin because it seemed to me that the extreme ascerbic nature may have the properties I was seeking. I understood at that time that I needed to attack the cell membrane. It also would be better if each element of the complexity not be toxic, but work only in group (the idea came to me from thinking about a particular monkey that lives on sub-toxic leaves from a number of different plants. It eats just enough of one type not to be poisoned). I guessed correctly that mangosteen skin may have the properties I was seeking due to this ascerbic nature of its skin and the fact that the skin protects the internal fruit from rot.

My original plan was to use something that was obviously non-toxic to human beings. I only selected fruit and other plant matter that we eat.

I also tried using various curry powders, but this did not work at all (the mechanism must also be similar but to a lesser degree).

Extremely strong black tea (English breakfast) worked to some extent and cleared up the blisters around my son's eyes.

I was also fortunate earlier on to be infected on my right forearm. Fortunate in the fact that I noticed the infection while swimming at the beach. This cleared up.

So when you read the rest of this blog, realise that I was writing down my observations but I did have a good model by which to work with. It was the realisation that this eczema (and probably a lot of other types of eczema) was a retro-viral infection. I would also suggest that fungal infections may be cleared also by swimming at the beach. It is unlikely that a fungus capable of living on our skin will be able to tolerate sea water.

Also, sea water is far more complex than salt (NaCl) dissolved in fresh water.

Potential uses of this mechanism

I am now fairly sure that my children are cured. It also occurs to me from this lesson that orthodox solutions to this problem do not work. I wonder how much of these orthodox cures are being pushed by big pharma as a way to sell their meds (steroid injections - only stops the itch and actually harms our natural immune system, acyclorvir is a hell of a tool). I have heard from doctors that this disease is incurable, and is congenital even. I doubt my knowledge of human physiology is greater than their own.

Also, I wonder if this same mechanism, or what I learnt from this can be used to resolve HIV and other internal virus infections. There is no way that I can see to remove the viral DNA/RNA from a cell (using todays technology). One solution used by orthodox medicine is to rely on affinities of chemicals. This seems dangerous as even healthy cell DNA will also be chemicalised.

DNA is extremely small, fragile, and the balances it lives in is quite complex. What happens when we throw something altogether unevolved for into the mix? I don't expect it to be good.

I suggest an extremely complex cocktail of extremly low toxicity, preferably from organisms we have evolved with and even more preferably from things we eat (like the monkey). Healthy cells should be able to tolerate this. Unhealthy cells will bust. But the bloodstream is far more complex than what I had to deal with so I keep this as a suggestion.

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