Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Treatment plan for psoriasis and eczema

A treatment plan for eczema and psoriasis is as follows:

1. Spend 4 days swimming and playing in surf at a warm beach: This will not only kill surface virus and virus infections (the flare up), but also initiate dormant infected cells to begin the virus production cycle. Any infections that erupt at this time will be cleaned off due to the sea water and natural attrition of the beach. This first step is to allow control of the disease.

2. Whenever there is a flare up after this, go to the beach. If this is not possible, cover the flare up with mangosteen or even very strong tea (possibly mud bath, mineral baths and sulfer baths will work). Mangosteen will destroy these infected cells and some dormant cells, while strong tea will destroy exposed viruses (I note that using mangosteen and tea together seems to reduce the effectiveness of the mangosteen). This controls the spread of the virus and if using mangosteen, actually kills close to the surface but dormant infected cells.

The first step is to reduce the population of infection and infectious agents so that it is easier to control. What one will find is that after the first beach trip, flare ups will still occur but it will be patchy and weakened. One needs to continue to treat the infected patches whenever they flare up. This will reduce reinfection and also the size of the infection.

Using my daughter as a model, I would say that I will have to treat her for at least 7 years to ensure that she is totally cleaned off the disease. In 7 years I would expect all her infected cells to be replaced by new uninfected cells due to our natural process of skin cell replacement.

Current orthodox medicine does not provide a cure so you will have your infection the rest of your life and probably infect your children (leading to the mis-belief that this disease is a congenital (inherited) disorder).

Now for some images of eczema

A boy and his brother, both approx 7 and 10 years old have been infected. The pictures are from the older boy. There is significant scarring on his arms. I provided the older boy a mangosteen poultice but have not met up with him yet to take pictures of the results. Below are the before pictures.

Next pictures are dried mangosteen skins (husks) which I ground down into a powder using my mortar and pestel and than added a little water.

The next pictures are a bag of 1 ground down skin and 1 un-ground skin cut into 2 pieces. I am not sure why the mangosteen skin looks green in this picture but suspect its the plastic bag causing this effect. Mangosteen skins are purple.

The following picture is just to show how simple it is to apply the mangosteen paste. Simply apply and wrap in bandaging tape. The application is on the right side of my thumb.

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