Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Application of dried mangosteen peel poultice on Xia's hand

Xia started showing signs of an outbreak on right hand. Xia played with the next door neighbors cat. This aggravated the flare up and caused it to form infection nodes. Notice the redness on the top of her hand. This is caused by the allergy. The bumps is the virus. Skin began to crinkle and little bumpy. The camera is a phone cam so the picture is not as clear as it should be. See pics below:

Close up of infection
Redness of hand

I applied a dried mangosteen skin poultice for two days. Both application were done for approximately 4 hours each (she went to bed with the poultice wrapped on her hand). The skin became drier. The bumps appears to have stopped multiplying. If you look closely at the pic below you will see dark dots on her hand where the mangosteen peel have got into the skin and stopped the infection from spreading. Skin still a little crinkly which I take as an effect from the allergy. I pulled her skin a little to make the scarring stand out a little more. Whats important here is that the infection stopped spreading. Also important is to maintain this kind of treatment until the skin is fully cleaned off infected cells.
Xia's hand a week after application of mangosteen skins and allergy
11/08/2011 August: Xia's had appears to have healed. Below is an image of her hand. I have scrunched up her hand a bit so that any nodes and spots will stand out.
Xia's hand on 11th August 2011: Infection and skin clear

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