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Specific attrition using massively multiple attacks is the best at curing virus infections

Rotavirus: Image from Wikipedia

Curing diseases caused by viruses is best done using specific attrition by specific massively multiple attacks on virii and infected cells.

Work on specifically attritioning the cells that are infected and take your time. You will not solve it in a day. The infected cells do become dormant which makes them almost impossible to get to. However their dormancy will end and they will flare again. That is when you get them. In other words continue treating for a period of at least 10 years. Your body replaces most of itself over that time.

The treatment plan has 2 strategies
1. Reduce the number of infective agents ie virii when the flare up occurs. This reduces the probability of reinfection in the surrounding area
2. Specifically attrition cells that are infected - this is done not by the 'atomic bomb' method of killing everything in the vicinity, including healthy cells by using a single agent (eg acid etc), but by only killing specifically the infected cells, and this done by using a huge number of active agents (ie hence this is why swimming and playing at a beach works and why mangosteen works).

This treatment strategy will cure both internal and internal virus infections. Internal virus infections can be cured by consuming large amounts of varied and blended vegetables. This is true for all fruit and vegetables except for durians and vegetables with high fat content. High fat and oil content seems to protect virii that infect animals. This means lower your fat and oil consumption!

Diseases caused by virii include Parkinsons, Alzheimers, HIV, eczema, Multiple Sclerosis, all kinds of degenerative brain and nueral disorders, cancers including Hodgkins lymphoma, Lou Gehrig's disease (Motor neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) aka Mad Cow disease etc etc.

In summary. Cells dynamically replace their cell membrane proteins and whatever else that keeps the cell membrane stable. When they are exposed to a type of environment that is corrosive because of a very large number of molecules, ions etc healthy cells naturally tolerate it by replacing these damaged components. Since the protein synthesis etc systems are not busy making virii or more of the stuff that cancers need then these healthy cells survive. However virii infected cells and cancer cells are caught up making virii and/or more of those thing that results in cancerous growth and hence do not protect the cell membrane. The cell membrane fails and destroys the cell. This is what causes specific attrition. This also can only happen if the cells face resource constraints eg time, material, number of ribosomes, polymerases etc etc. Virii genetic material have a higher affinity for polymerases then cellular genetic material so will soak up all the polymerases and precursors. This lead to the infected cell not being able to repair cell membrane damage. Cancer cells have a slightly different situation. The cancer cell may or may not have a situation like the greater affinity problem that virii genetic material cause. However the cancer cell can either fix the problem by unsticking whatever it is is causing it to be cancerous (apart from having virii genetic material) or will be attrition specifically. Specific attrition just gets rid of the problem cells and since cells are very small and replaceable it does not damage the overall body at all.

The reasoning for this also applies to non-virus caused cancers. I imagine that cancer cells are also intolerant to pressures on the structures that form the cell membrane. The cell either conforms to the pressures by having the problem fixed (eg say a stuck molecule is forced off the part of the DNA that is resulting in the cancer [Actually this may be impossible thinking about this again MC 22 July 2015]: so say a corrupted part of the cell DNA that is causing the cell to be stuck in cancer mode]) or the cancer is specifically attritioned and dies when the cell membrane fails. To some extent this explains why vegetarian diets and complex diets are better for you.

I found that a common tea that is drunk every other day in Chinese communities in the place of soft drinks has anti-virus properties. My son was infected by a virus that resulted in his neck lymph glands being distended (the mumps in other words). This went away after a few days of drinking this tea. It also works with the cold virus but not as well. Probably because it is not 'washed' by lymph or blood carrying whatever things (plural) in this tea that is killing off the virus.
Sounds like "Lim Chee Kang" herbal tea - fungi with anti-virus properties: Image from

Friday, January 13, 2012

Email on eczema copied here

Following is an email I have copied to blogger from a long time sufferer of this disease. I wish to add that most of what finds on the internet regarding eczema is junk. Eczema is a general name for a skin disease. Most eczema is viral in nature hence this cure will work.



to me
Hi Michael,
I just have read your post. I have ezcema for 30 years and can not find the cure for it. I use steroids even though i know they are pretty bad for my health. I live in USA and i don't think we have mangosteens here. So, I was wondering if you know any other fruit, plant that can be used effectively to cure ezcema? I can buy mangosteens but they are imported and pretty expensive.



to Evgeny
Hi Evgeny

The cure is actually not about the fruit or healthy nutrition (although of course that does help to some very small extent). The cure is about specifically attritioning the cells that are infected by the virus(s) that are the cause of eczema.

The best way I have found is to keep going to the beach whenever there is a flare up, and staying at the beach for a few days while you swim in the sea, and surf etc. However this may not be possible in colder climes.

Another possibility is to go to sulfer baths and mud baths and do the same for at least 4 days at each flare up.

Initially this may sound like a lot considering flare ups may be quite often if you have been suffering for the last 30 years but then consider that much of your skin surface may have infected skin cells. You will find that after a while, the number of flare ups will decrease and their severity will decrease as well. This is what you would expect if you were attritioning say 60% of the infected cells, then another 60% of whatever is left, and then another 60% of whatever  is left after that etc. ie you will find a reducing effect of eczema.

The whole problem with eczema is that the medical people are not getting to the root cause of it, and not only that, they are also hiding the root cause of it under sheer nonsense. It is only occassionally  that someone will say yes, its caused by a virus and yes, it is infectious. I am willing to bet that if you have children, they also have eczema. Well its stands to reason when the cause of it is skin to skin contact and the cause of it is a skin virus. Once one knows this, and one knows the viral life cycle, one understands why specific attrition of the virus through complex stressing of skin cells, and waiting and caring for a period of 10 years (for serious infections) works. The 10 year period is because your skin cells will be wholly replaced by new ones after 10 years and if you maintain vigilance on self infection, the new skin will not be infected. Unfortunately the scarring is harder to be rid off.

Anyway, hope you find this useful in finding a cure.

All the best



to me
Hi Michael,
Thanks much for your help! I'll give it a try (if I find any sulfur or mud baths around here). I was wondering how do you know so much about the virus?


Hi Evgeny

When myself and family were infected about 5 years ago I began to do research on eczema. My wife had it at the time and was covering herself with the standard steroid ointment cream they give people with the disease. After much research I discovered that I did not trust what was being advertised and what was being prescribed by the doctors as for one thing it would mean that my daughter would be chemically neutered (they were saying acyclovir would solve the problem but researching how acyclovir worked I decided that it was probably as bad as the disease). I also studied the early symptoms and noted that it looked very much like a viral infection (had the peaking, one would see a water blister, also the infection seemed to be spread by scratching etc etc). Understanding how viruses infect and spread (they actually do it by huge population) I then set up a treatment plan that first started with a very simple (as I know now) understanding of specific attrition of infected cells.

When my children complained it was too painful, I looked around at all kinds of solutions and then noticed that the infection that was spreading on my arm had actually disappeared after a week at the beach. I also noted that in the old days in Malaysia, there  was a myth (and it was actually applied to me and to other children) that putting a blue dye on ones face during the mumps would rid oneself of the mumps. Of course it never worked but it seemed to me that there could be some truth in this if instead of the mumps and a blue dye, one applied mangosteen (which is actually purple but the idea could have been lost over the ages) and applied it to facial skin viral infections. I tested this on myself (as my forehead was the next to get infected) and it actually worked. After much testing with mangosteen I discovered that it worked where the skin was thinnest ie the forehead and young children. I also tried other things like masala powder etc which did not work at all.

Furthermore, after having thought through the problem, it occurred to me (I only have a BSc in cell and molecular biology but that seemed to be sufficient) that a cells have evolved over time to be resistant to things like  running around at a beach. However the insertion of viral DNA/RNA makes the cell susceptible to this kind of attrition (the best kind of therapy actually) as the viral DNA will start soaking up the resources of its host cell when the cell starts signalling the need to make replacement cell membrane parts (due to the seas extremely small damaging effects on it) and repair. This was proven out by actual observation as when I smoked or drank too much, the infections on my fingers would start flaring (although by this time I had gotten rid of most of it and what was left was minimal). It also proved to be the same for all the other people I treated.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I won the war and saved my children's skin. At one point my daughter face and body were totally covered by pimples, blackhead and water blisters. I sent her to the beach and she was 99% (more actually) cured. I also cured my son who may have lost his eyes from the infection and if that had happened it probably would have eventually ended going up the optic nerve and into his brain.

The short of it is that don't trust the standard treatments of this disease. It tends to be a way for medical companies to make money on the one hand, and serves the commercial medical system which feeds of it. Work on specifically attritioning the cells that are infected and take your time. You will not solve it in a day. The infected cells do become dormant which makes them almost impossible to get to. However their dormancy will end and they will flare again. Thats when you get them.

The treatment plan has 2 strategies
1. Reduce the number of infective agents ie virii when the flare up occurs. This reduces the probability of reinfection in the surrounding area
2. Specifically attrition cells that are infected - this is done not by the 'atomic bomb' method of killing everything in the vicinity, including healthy cells by using a single agent (eg acid etc), but by only killing specifically the infected cells, and this done by using a huge number of active agents (ie hence this is why swimming and playing at a beach works and why mangosteen works).

Anyway if you can keep me informed of your progress. Theoretically sulfur and mud baths (and over a 4 day period minimum per session) should work on the same basis as the beach.

All the best


PS. It is probably true that more than one type of virus can create eczema. I observed various types of infections that were sourced from more than one place, even by holding onto a stair rail. But the key is that viruses have the same life cycle.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Application of dried mangosteen peel poultice on Xia's hand

Xia started showing signs of an outbreak on right hand. Xia played with the next door neighbors cat. This aggravated the flare up and caused it to form infection nodes. Notice the redness on the top of her hand. This is caused by the allergy. The bumps is the virus. Skin began to crinkle and little bumpy. The camera is a phone cam so the picture is not as clear as it should be. See pics below:

Close up of infection
Redness of hand

I applied a dried mangosteen skin poultice for two days. Both application were done for approximately 4 hours each (she went to bed with the poultice wrapped on her hand). The skin became drier. The bumps appears to have stopped multiplying. If you look closely at the pic below you will see dark dots on her hand where the mangosteen peel have got into the skin and stopped the infection from spreading. Skin still a little crinkly which I take as an effect from the allergy. I pulled her skin a little to make the scarring stand out a little more. Whats important here is that the infection stopped spreading. Also important is to maintain this kind of treatment until the skin is fully cleaned off infected cells.
Xia's hand a week after application of mangosteen skins and allergy
11/08/2011 August: Xia's had appears to have healed. Below is an image of her hand. I have scrunched up her hand a bit so that any nodes and spots will stand out.
Xia's hand on 11th August 2011: Infection and skin clear

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Treatment plan for psoriasis and eczema

A treatment plan for eczema and psoriasis is as follows:

1. Spend 4 days swimming and playing in surf at a warm beach: This will not only kill surface virus and virus infections (the flare up), but also initiate dormant infected cells to begin the virus production cycle. Any infections that erupt at this time will be cleaned off due to the sea water and natural attrition of the beach. This first step is to allow control of the disease.

2. Whenever there is a flare up after this, go to the beach. If this is not possible, cover the flare up with mangosteen or even very strong tea (possibly mud bath, mineral baths and sulfer baths will work). Mangosteen will destroy these infected cells and some dormant cells, while strong tea will destroy exposed viruses (I note that using mangosteen and tea together seems to reduce the effectiveness of the mangosteen). This controls the spread of the virus and if using mangosteen, actually kills close to the surface but dormant infected cells.

The first step is to reduce the population of infection and infectious agents so that it is easier to control. What one will find is that after the first beach trip, flare ups will still occur but it will be patchy and weakened. One needs to continue to treat the infected patches whenever they flare up. This will reduce reinfection and also the size of the infection.

Using my daughter as a model, I would say that I will have to treat her for at least 7 years to ensure that she is totally cleaned off the disease. In 7 years I would expect all her infected cells to be replaced by new uninfected cells due to our natural process of skin cell replacement.

Current orthodox medicine does not provide a cure so you will have your infection the rest of your life and probably infect your children (leading to the mis-belief that this disease is a congenital (inherited) disorder).

Now for some images of eczema

A boy and his brother, both approx 7 and 10 years old have been infected. The pictures are from the older boy. There is significant scarring on his arms. I provided the older boy a mangosteen poultice but have not met up with him yet to take pictures of the results. Below are the before pictures.

Next pictures are dried mangosteen skins (husks) which I ground down into a powder using my mortar and pestel and than added a little water.

The next pictures are a bag of 1 ground down skin and 1 un-ground skin cut into 2 pieces. I am not sure why the mangosteen skin looks green in this picture but suspect its the plastic bag causing this effect. Mangosteen skins are purple.

The following picture is just to show how simple it is to apply the mangosteen paste. Simply apply and wrap in bandaging tape. The application is on the right side of my thumb.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Residual skin problems probably related to dormant viruses

The first three images below shows a probably infected skin area eruption after activation by at least one of three events:
1. We spent only 1 day at the beach. This will normally lead to activation of any dormant infected cells at the surface. It was observed that a few very small and quickly cleared away spots came and went without issues.

2. We swam in our slightly acidic pool.

3. My daughter played with the neighbour's cats. She has an allergy to cats.

This incident occurred overnight. In the morning I found a set of blisters and dry parts under her neck and one very small part on her belly.

My daughter went to neighbor's farm before I could treat the blistered area and came back with the blister punctured. I applied betadine (acryflavine solution) to the exposed area as mangosteen was too painful. Area now under observation for possible virus spread. 

It could be that her allergy to cats may have caused the blistering, but I am guessing here that a patch of dormant virus infected cells were activated. It may be that she will not be reinfected. If she is, the mangosteen will clear up the new infection.

The blistering looks very similar to psoriasis (see image below - from and it probably is psoriasis. The symptoms of the viral infection can vary from being nodes, to small hairline cracks, to small blisters to this. Unfortunately I was not able to apply mangosteen on the area before the blisters were broken so cannot say if it works well on this kind of blistering.

The underlying strategy for cure is the fact that human skin will be totally replaced within the space of 7 - 10 years. The level of infection may decrease to the extent of becoming almost forgettable, but once a person has their whole skin area exposed to the virus, one has to maintain a level of vigilance to continue attritioning the infected cells for at least this time. As long as there is no further spread, this strategy will work. 

Cleaning ones skin via the beach, mangosteen etc, stops the spread, will also get into some dormant infections and reduces the outbreaks to the point where eczema is not even a mild irritation. But this can lead to problems if one does not follow through with the process of attritioning over a sufficiently long time (7-10 years) as the sporadic flares may lead to a new bout of total body infection.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thesis: Curing viral eczema

Below you will find a summary of my work in curing viral eczema. It has proven to be 100% successful. I thank the young lady I spoke to today for getting me to think about writing this.

The Cure

The cure is to go to the beach before the eczema flares up. You can tell when eczema will flare up as you will feel a itching and tingling at the skin surface. You will than have about 7 hours before the skin erupts. Spend as much time at the beach as possible. Swim in the sea, play on the sand, go for walks and protect yourself against sunburn without using sun-cream (wear a tea-shirt, hat, stay in the water, maybe cover face with sun-cream if you don't have eczema on it, or simply swim in the evening and morning). Try to stay at the beach for a week, but any length of time is good, the longer the better.

If your child has eczema, than you will know when it is beginning to flare as you will see a reddening of the skin, or your child will begin scratching (which is a vector or mechanism by which the infection spreads).

An alternative to the beach, and this applies mainly to children (as they have thinner skin) or adults with surface infections, is to apply ground fresh mangosteen skin (the soft part can be scooped out). Do not use the fruit. Leave this applied to the infected area of the skin for as long as possible (at least 1 hour but longer the better).

For those people that do not have access to a warm beach or mangosteen, try going to sulfer baths (I have not tried this but theoretically it should work - see Mechanism below - Appreciate if you can give me feedback).

Also, avoid putting creams on areas with eczema. This tends to protect the virus and can cause the infection to spread (hence do not use sun-block at the beach on areas covered with eczema but protect your skin from the sun by covering up with a T-shirt).


Viral eczema is caused by the insertion of viral DNA/RNA into the cell. The implication of this is that it cannot be resolved by simply applying a lotion or injections. The infected cell can be considered dead (its still alive but only as a virus incubator).

When the cell's surface is agitated in some way, it is likely that the cell's surface proteins, and cell membrane is being damaged to some degree - this is totally normal. We have evolved on this planet and have evolved mechanisms to respond appropriately to this. A chain reaction likely occurs which initiates new components be manufactured inside the cell to replace the damaged parts. It is likely that this manufacturing process will create more polymerases, and other proteins.

Viral DNA/RNA has a greater affinity to these polymerases and proteins. This means that instead of being used to manufacture replacement parts for the cell, these polymerases and proteins creates more viruses in the  cell. Eventually the cell will bust and the surrounding area will be awash with these viruses, thus spreading the virus and infecting new cells.

Another mechanism the virus has evolved is to create an intense itching. By scratching the itch, the virus is spread to other areas of the body and because scratching exposes live cells, causes further infection.

Now if the cell is surrounded by a harsh environment than the infected cell and the virus will have less chance of survival. The term harsh environment is a matter of degree. For instance, you could (not recommended) put sulfuric acid on the infected area. This will destroy the infected cell but will also destroy uninfected healthy cells and cause scarring and a significant amount of pain. The sea, and mangosteen is the degree to which is being sought. Both are harsh only in a complex way. Individual components of these two mediums are not toxic at all in the quantities found within their respective mix.

So because we have evolved on Earth, our healthy cells are extremely tolerant to exposure to mangosteen and swimming at the beach. However, infected cells, because their resources are being used to create more virii, are unable to cope and bust.

This significance of this is that the population of virii is greatly reduced (as they cannot survive in such a harsh environment) and the infected cells are specifically killed, leaving only the healthy cells. Also (as cells are extremely small), this means that replacement of these killed cells leaves no scarring (or at least no visible scarring) as the killed area is likewise minute.

In summary, what one is doing is attritioning the infected cells. What you will find, if you have had the infection for a while, or if you have just been infected, is that the your first attritioning will get rid of anything up to 99% of the infection. Some infected cells may be dormant and protected by skin. You will need to wait for the next flare up (which - as mentioned- should be very much less), and go to the beach again. There is not much one can do about cells that are dormant and protected - but they will flare at some time in the future. If you do not continue to attrition the infected cells, the disease can spread again (however if you read my blog, I found a strange occurrence where the infection seemed somewhat less infectious - maybe the older the infected cell got, the more prone to interior damage and hence less infectious?).


It took me about three years to find a cure to this disease. In this time, my youngest child was infected all over her face and body. When the worst flare up occurred, my daughter's face and body was totally covered by small pimples, blisters and black-heads. My son had these same blister growing on his body, face, back and eyelids. In fact if the infection had got into his eye, he would likely have lost his eyes and his brain.

Earlier on, I had decided not to use acyclovir as a remedy. My reasoning was that acyclovir works at the level of the DNA. While it has a higher affinity to viral DNA, some must also attach to cell DNA (whether it be healthy or infected). To me, this had the possibility of neutering my daughter and even causing cancer.

Seeing that the infection had the indications of being a virus (the pimple like eruptions, mode of spreading etc), I had decided that a cure must work on a local or infected areas only. The healthy cells we could leave unattended.

I started off using a number of concoctions of living plant cells. My reasoning was that their mix of enzymes would break down the cell wall and the virus. The children complained that these earlier concoction were extremely painful. I then tried kiwifruit. While not being as painful, it was still too painful for young children. Finding mangosteen was a bit of luck actually. My forehead was infested and I applied mangosteen to it. Within an hour the infestation was killed. Also the uninfected cells were undamaged and all I felt was a tingling.

I selected mangosteen skin because it seemed to me that the extreme ascerbic nature may have the properties I was seeking. I understood at that time that I needed to attack the cell membrane. It also would be better if each element of the complexity not be toxic, but work only in group (the idea came to me from thinking about a particular monkey that lives on sub-toxic leaves from a number of different plants. It eats just enough of one type not to be poisoned). I guessed correctly that mangosteen skin may have the properties I was seeking due to this ascerbic nature of its skin and the fact that the skin protects the internal fruit from rot.

My original plan was to use something that was obviously non-toxic to human beings. I only selected fruit and other plant matter that we eat.

I also tried using various curry powders, but this did not work at all (the mechanism must also be similar but to a lesser degree).

Extremely strong black tea (English breakfast) worked to some extent and cleared up the blisters around my son's eyes.

I was also fortunate earlier on to be infected on my right forearm. Fortunate in the fact that I noticed the infection while swimming at the beach. This cleared up.

So when you read the rest of this blog, realise that I was writing down my observations but I did have a good model by which to work with. It was the realisation that this eczema (and probably a lot of other types of eczema) was a retro-viral infection. I would also suggest that fungal infections may be cleared also by swimming at the beach. It is unlikely that a fungus capable of living on our skin will be able to tolerate sea water.

Also, sea water is far more complex than salt (NaCl) dissolved in fresh water.

Potential uses of this mechanism

I am now fairly sure that my children are cured. It also occurs to me from this lesson that orthodox solutions to this problem do not work. I wonder how much of these orthodox cures are being pushed by big pharma as a way to sell their meds (steroid injections - only stops the itch and actually harms our natural immune system, acyclorvir is a hell of a tool). I have heard from doctors that this disease is incurable, and is congenital even. I doubt my knowledge of human physiology is greater than their own.

Also, I wonder if this same mechanism, or what I learnt from this can be used to resolve HIV and other internal virus infections. There is no way that I can see to remove the viral DNA/RNA from a cell (using todays technology). One solution used by orthodox medicine is to rely on affinities of chemicals. This seems dangerous as even healthy cell DNA will also be chemicalised.

DNA is extremely small, fragile, and the balances it lives in is quite complex. What happens when we throw something altogether unevolved for into the mix? I don't expect it to be good.

I suggest an extremely complex cocktail of extremly low toxicity, preferably from organisms we have evolved with and even more preferably from things we eat (like the monkey). Healthy cells should be able to tolerate this. Unhealthy cells will bust. But the bloodstream is far more complex than what I had to deal with so I keep this as a suggestion.