Thursday, January 11, 2007

Eczema treatment for under 5 yo

This is an addendum to my first blog.

Children under 5 are not tolerant to the kiwifruit treatment because they are sensitive to the tingling that occurs ie they hate it! Or my children hate it anyway.

This being the case, I noticed that going to the beach for a few days seems to be a treatment all on its own, and suggest that its the same model in action, but this time with a caustic sea water environment.

I don't live near the sea so have gotten to bathing my kids with SEA SALT dissolved in bath water. Alternatively, go to a beach and bring back clean seawater.

We try to keep the sea salt concentration like the salt concentration in sea water.

Anyway, this has worked!

The eczema has gone away but its too early to say if this is permanent.

I suspect that children's skin, being considerably thinner, makes this treatment particularly effective for them.

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